the unreal me.

That indeed is a very, antagonistic title for my first post. But yes, its the ‘about me’ section. I was thinking, that at least the first post of my blog shouldn’t contain the condescension that is to come right? So, there you go….

the unreal me

My name is Alexander Mathew, as you know (from the title), doing my YearIII Civil Engineering from VIT, Vellore. Most people call me fake. It was kinda offensive at first. But now, I don’t blame them. I Am. Probably, to put it in better words, I’m not very convincingly open about my emotions. Im kinda quiet when i am sad, I laugh when I am angry, and pretend angry when I am crazy, and just want to have some fun. There are still, a couple of things which come from inside of me, which are pretty genuine….One, being true friendship (this will be a blogpost soon) and second is Christianity. Yes, i am a devout protestant christian, born to two hardcore Pentecostal malayalee parents. I love the life, the church.

Did you hear malayalee? yes you did. Indeed a Kerala kid. But, culturally, very PUNJABI, essentially a Northy. Born, brought up in Chandigarh. 🙂
“Ni Chandiagrh Waliye, Miss Caalla na Maar”……. I love Sharry Mann, and Avial at the same time. 😛
About music, greatly influenced by Christian Contemporary music, and at the same time, Alternative Rock too. Love, those bands which incorporate both of these into their music (will write more about this soon).
More about me, others know me better. I’m a big time scrooge, and likes to drive. There is nothing more in my life, to really talk about. To be really honest, this blog is partly a brag thing. Blogging is kinda cool these days.
Why blogging, if you ask? Twitter is too mainstream, too busy with people following obstreperous celebrities like, Miley Cyrus and her twerking incident (I don’t even know why it’s such a big deal)

In a blog, I can write any horeshit here, that too in detail: the stuff which my family and friends refuse to listen, just because its too boring.
Nobody, really is gonna see my blog anyways.
Yes, i like being sadomasochist. I’m kinda hard on myself. The gentler version of it though…. 😀

the cation

Im on Facebook. Yes everybody is. Follow me.
wwwDOTfacebookDOTcomSLASHalexander.mathew  😀


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