The Masterplan

The Master Plan

Follow this link given ABOVE.
I recently agreed to author (as a guest) for a monthly column in an online christian magazine called Jesus And Me (JAM)
Now this is my first article which was published called The Masterplan. It deals with the questions young people generally have regarding their future, how they can be useful to the society even if they are more career centered and they are required to give their selfless service to the millions of abused people in the world everyday…Girls, children, wives, employees, the uneducated, the undereducated, beggars, the lower class families, victims of violent crimes, drug addicts, victims of terrorist attacks, orphans, widows, students, industry workers, labourers, menial job workers, the homeless, the sick, lepers and the disabled.

The irony behind this post is, that I myself have been very worried about my future. I have put my options broad, and have submitted to what God wants me to choose. But I pledge to serve humanity, and do good things in all the days of my life.

Go ahead, read on. Follow the link above. If you’re inspired, do leave a comment. Or if you have any questions, ping me on wwwDOTfacebookDOTcomSLASHalexanderDOTmathew


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