To Hitler, To the Jews (Part 1): Let Them Come to Berlin

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and all characters appearing in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is either fictitious or used to state facts. All distortions to real facts were intended only for the purpose of entertainment, and absolutely nothing else.

The threat towards the president was very real this time. Here in Israel, the President’s office receiving a death threat was not uncommon. “Local boys with a grudge” google how to make a bomb, and plot to assault the President of the most advanced country in this world. But, this one was making sense. The intell was shocking and unexpected. The terrorist cells and splinter groups inside our country wanted to end the rule of the present government, even though the general public elected it. And also what really was triggering the threat was the fact that President Benjamin Begin had made the decision to sign a treaty with The United Nations. The treaty was about allowing the UN to interfere with internal emergency situations in Israel, and impede in the time of national and international conflicts. Israel has been in war with various neighbouring countries over the past four decades and by signing this treaty, President Begin was trying to bring peace in to a community which hadn’t known peace for generations now. But the Jewish people in general weren’t really happy with the idea, because the UN was technically owned by Germany after its victory in the Great War in 1945, and after what Germany had done to the Jews, you cannot really expect Israel to be diplomatically in good terms with Germany.

Since the President’s declaration of his decision, terrorists have attacked the nation in various ways in an intention to start a civil war. The newly built state department building was targeted three days back, and a part of it was destroyed by a surface to surface shoulder held missile, nearly missing President’s motorcade by a minute. Also, a man in his late forties was caught carrying three shaped charged cases of Semtex inside the Knesset building a week before. Also our country’s FTC, Federal Terrorist Control had received intelligence reports of killings and heists all over and outside Jerusalem, and stating the obvious, the killings were done to a target group. All of them were witnesses to President Begin’s acquittal during the trials of 1964. So, there was definitely somebody out there, looking for the President’s blood, and being his Head of Security, I had to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Life has not been a ‘bed of roses’ for Israel over the past millennium. In spite of being colonized by various empires which essentially enslaved Israel and inspite of enduring the brutal holocaust of Adolf Hitler, we still stand tall in the world today as God’s own chosen people. Although life has been in general tough and unforgiving for this country, we always seek solace in the fact that our God, the creator of this universe, takes care of us. In 1945, after Hitler won the war, needless to say, life wasn’t going to be easy for us. At least that’s what we thought. He would have ordered the extermination of all Jews; but fate was on our side. Jews escaped the wrath. So even though Hitler won, the Jews lived. This is how that happened…..

In June 1945, America was almost on the verge of winning the war and it intended to ‘finish’ Japan in revenge for the deadly attack on Pearl Harbour four years earlier. After a green signal by all Ally countries, USA tried to annihilate a large Japanese industrial city with a nuclear bomb. The nuclear bomb, which was a new term doing rounds those days, they say, could kill a million people within 3 seconds of detonation. But the German airplanes in the air intercepted the missile and dumped it into the Pacific to the relief of the people in that city, and the whole world in general. This bomb instead sent shockwaves of awe and disgust throughout the world. In Japanese eyes, this was an unforgivable act of war. General Showa, the emperor of Imperial Japan seeking Hitler’s advice ordered a hit on America. Since America was well prepared for the attack by the Axis, it protected the major cities, ports, airports etc, but Showa wanted to bring down the main command centre of the American Defence which they didn’t expect. As a result a Japanese fighter pilot volunteered to fly a Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter into the White House in a suicide mission killing more than 200 people.

The symbol of pride for the Americans, and the centre of control for the Allies was now just a pile of rubble and ash. President Roosevelt survived, but the first lady didn’t. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt became the last casualty of the World War. Having to retreat from the war, America signed a treaty and were forced to end the war and take time to realize the loss and get back at Germany after the contemplation process is over, which never really happened. President Roosevelt backed out from the war, not as shiningly as he had signed the declaration of war though. (Infamy Speech) After this, all the other allies were left with no option but to retreat and end the Great War. America held its peace, with the world for two years; but during this time, was when the world realized that they were going to be ruled by the most ruthless person on the surface of the earth, the insane ruler who had already killed 11 million people in a span of 6 years…!
Meanwhile, the United States had the most powerful spy network in the world that time, and according to US classified military files, there was intelligence about terrorist groups comprising of Jewish and Polish holocaust survivors in Berlin. This was a new thing, because the Jewish community, as a whole was dismantled by Hitler. But there were possibilities of the whole thing being really true, because there were rumours of a German bunker in the border which reported missing guns, bombs, ammunition and other equipment amidst a shootout resulting in the death of a German soldier. (America learnt about this after losing the war, and was quiet on the matter) A year later, a suicide bomber detonated himself during one of Hitler’s victory rallies, this time at the Reichstag, the heart of Berlin. The Jews killed Hitler. As much ironic as it sounds, it was perfect poetic justice.

The world’s most callous person, who tyrannized an entire nation with a toothbrush moustache, for the better part of an entire decade, was torn into 57 pieces.
Karma they say. I say, that for Hitler, it was just a bad day.

That day, there was somebody extremely close to Hitler who wasn’t attending the rally: the very well known right hand of Hitler and his main propagandist during the whole Nazi reign, Joseph Goebbels. Even though he was less known in the media, he was the propaganda minister of the fuehrer. So he had a fundamental say in the development of the final solution for the genocide of the Jews. As much as the Jews hated Hitler, they hated Goebbels too. And as much as Hitler hated the Jews, Goebbels hated the Jews too. He was after all getting paid for it. On the day of the Berlin rally, as a sign of goodwill to Hitler, Goebbels sent his wife and six children who unfortunately, were in Hitler’s Motorcade and died in the suicide attack along with Hitler and 55 other people. As news spread that Goebbels had survived, it was internationally feared that he would institute an attack over the Jews again. But Joseph Goebbels was more shocked at the death of his family than aggrieved at the people who killed them and was determined to kill himself. Even though we dont know exactly what the series of events were, but it is said that Goebbels even aimed his handgun into the side of the head when Oskar Schindler, a very close friend of Goebbels, got in the way and saved him. As dramatic as it sounds, after days of relentless and sustained counselling, Joseph Goebbels changed his life over. Not preferring to believe the change in him, people all over the world condemned him and ascribed it as a cover up to escape trial for his crimes against humanity. But none the less, Goebbels was ready to take over as the new President of Germany because according to Hitler’s will, Goebbels was his successor. Goebbels made extensive reforms to the Constitution of Germany and as the new Head of State of the world’s most powerful country, and the ‘presumed ruler of the world’ along with Japan’s Emperor Showa, he launched the initiative towards world peace. Showa was openly reluctant to this, but then he eventually played a major role in the establishment of the United Nations in 1948, after not being included in the permanent member list of Roosevelt’s League of Nations. After officially dissolving the League of Nations, the UN set up its headquarters in Berlin. The Axis Countries, USA and the Soviet Union were called on to sign the UN Charter, the foundational treaty with 39 other countries. The UN’s General Assembly and other wings of the UN were eventually formed on a very ‘capitalist’ idealism. Since then the UN has been instrumental in prevailing peace in the world with the help of 188 member nations. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, the UN, led by Japan and Germany fought for the South, and the China aided the North. The UN and Germany has always opposed the idea of communism in the free world, and discredited the Cold War between USA and The Soviet Union (which was on the communist and capitalist terms) in an armistice in 1973. As of 2014, Germany remains the most powerful country in the world, and shares a cooperative bureaucratic relationship with most of the Ally countries of the Great War.


How Israel was made a country? Was in included in the UN?
How is Israel the most advanced country in the world?
What happened to President Begin?
Did the Israeli Extremists target more victims?
Did the President escape the threat imminent on him?
Did he sign the treaty with the UN?

To be continued…


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