The Angelou Solution

“We need much less than we think we need.”

Those are really famous words by the famous American poet, Maya Angelou, who died last year. It’s really not what we want what matters, what matters is what we need. And what we think we need is not what actually what we need. Why do we all have changing goals? Isn’t mankind ever satisfied with anything it does? What is the real meaning of the word, content? In Maslow’s Need Chart, self actualization has the lowest priority in a human lifespan. That’s why we probably never attain it.
I have seen time and again, that people in the world today are never, ever satisfied with the things they get, or the things that they are surrounded with. Be it achievements, or blessings, people dont mature enough stop and look back. And when writers like me write, they think they are in Pluto, and tell the world how different they are and that writing is all that they wanted to do. They Lie. This post, is based on, me. And how I am the most begrudging person in the world, and how I generalize, the fact that the human race in its entirety is of an unfulfilled kind.

January 1, 2014, after the church service at midnight, all I thought was about how crucial this year is going to be. I hate the idea of resolutions. I never make any normally, at least after my ‘keep Dad happy’ resolution way back in ’01, but this feeling was different. This year was going to be different. It was technically my last year of college and there were things to be done. Important and unimportant too. All my aspirations in life depended on 2014. I had to get placed. I had to publish a paper. I wanted two more good semesters. I wanted to work for Riviera, my college cultural fest…for starters. The following February, I worked for Riviera, did so much work for the Proshows Committee, met so many celebrities, had a blast in the four days, when my dreams came true. Then there was another event, as in, there was a Civil Engineering Symposium that was coming up in March, which I was the organizer of. It was a lot of work and me and my team were slogging since October of the previous year for this. And yes, the symposium happened, that too in great style. Three days, of absolute bliss that they were. The big gala that it was, and a proud moment in my life to go receive that memento and my certificate from the stage, being recognized for my six month commitment towards it. The very next day, I went on a tour to different colleges with my band, for a week, and win prizes and come back home. Again, that being done, I have other things to do in life, right? I studied for my exams, and got the best result till date. What a life I’ve had. But was that it?
As a band, I wanted to win again. Personally, I wanted to be organizer again. This will never end. Or will it?
Yes, my band won first in the next gig in July and got recognized throughout the city. And I became organizer of the fourth best college cultural fest in India. I didn’t even think I’ll work for Riviera in January, and here I am, administrating the Proshows Committee for the 2015 edition. And I got an even better result this semester. I published a paper too. Am I fulfilled?

Beginning of this year, my sister having worked in a company for some time then, wanted an up in her career and decided to go abroad. She worked for it for eight months, cleared all papers, spent a considerable amount of money and time, and reached Ottawa by September. That was fast, wasn’t it? She had got, all she wanted in life, but then, not more than a month later, she gets this weird idea to study her dream pharmacy course and become a doctor. I was stunned.
You give somebody something, even if they dont deserve what they got, they ask for more. Let me tell you, that it’s not selfishness, but just mere human nature.

To end, I don’t say it’s a bad thing to change goals. Aiming for better things in life is a very promising trait. But I think, that when we get something, rather than not being happy, we should be satisfied with it for at least some time, the time we should take to thank The Almighty and thank the people who made it happen, and then move on. At least, that’s what I have learnt this year. Rather than piling up goals, I will take time to reflect on what made me ME in the past twelve months, and what made me write all these things, especially at this point in the year.

Happy New Year everyone.


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