‘Love’ in a Makeshift World

It was the 14th of February. I woke up inside a bucket. Or rather, I found myself in a bucket. My research on humans bore result and I finally crossed the time barrier and reached the earth. This was success, personally for me, and I had broken the old jinx. Because even though we have been studying humans, we couldn’t cross over to really land on the surface. I dint even tell anybody that I had come. I dint have a choice of how I come, or where I appear. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever chosen this smelly bucket. The bucket was the sign. Humans bathe, wear clothes. Primitive age signs I tell you. And God, humans wear so many clothes. I thank my stars (especially the five suns that we have) that I dont. We’re independent that way. There was a pile of clothes on top of me when I woke up, or rather when I was transported. Good thing was that it made me unnoticeable. But I couldn’t take it any longer; the smell inside the whole thing. The earthy smell of fresh rain in the clothes was mixed with a herbal acidic smell of chemicals. A strong one though. Male, works in a factory. But on his shirt, there was this flushy kind of a smell which made it obvious that he had recently bought a bouquet of red roses. Now I was interested in this guy. I peeped outside, it was a four walled sided, eight cornered room, just as I had expected. Humans dont think any further than a cubical room. Has anybody thought of a tetrahedral room? I have one, and it is out of the world.
Literally. 😀

Humans live in a world of tragedies, their surroundings; their environment is a mishap in itself. They lose loved ones, they fight, they breakup, they DECIDE not to talk to each other, cold wars, real wars and on top of that there is religion, country, state, language, and a lot of other things which makes human kind in a constant state of oblivion. This is the reason why they procrastinate. This is why they love themselves more than one another. Narcissism with a pinch of egocentrism is what makes the world these days. Loss of a loved one, a wound in your heart doesn’t mean you freeze in the time of your trauma. Humans are absorbed, in themselves, and think they are the centre of this universe. I’ve lost my father too. He just disappeared one day, and never came back. It’s been 8700 years now. He used to study humans. That’s probably why I do too. But I pity humans.

This room was simple; it had two beds, two cupboards, two tables, two chairs and two buckets. To state the obvious, this guy had a roommate. And there it was, on the bed, the roses that I had smelled before. But why had he left it there? Ignoring that, I saw a window with sunlight coming in. Interestingly, the earth had just one sun, compared to the five we have. I opened the window, and a rush of smell of rotten eggs, that of sulphur dioxide and a wave of engine exhaust came in. There was so much pollution that choked the earth that it seemed like it was waiting for me to open the window and come into the room. The smell of the roses died off, and I was afraid I would kill those roses off altogether. Fun fact: My eye, which we call it a “nytli”, was special and it allowed me to see through objects. Not everything though, but thin opaque membranes, wooden doors, thin plastic objects etc. So as I was fondling with the beautiful roses on the bed, I saw somebody coming, straight at me, through the door. In my haste, I fled to the bucket and by the time he unlocked his door and entered inside, I had closed the windows too so that he doesn’t notice anything out of order when he sees his room, just in case he gave a damn about all that. As I peeped through his noxious clothes, I saw his face. I felt this emotion, flooding into me as if I knew him for so long when the truth is that I had been in his room for ten minutes and I saw all his things. In this array of tenderness towards that guy, I felt that that I’ve known him for years. This was unlike our race. We dont really make connections even though our ‘brain’ is capable of it. We basically prioritize our life so that work and research comes first. But, being here has changed me…. what has this atmosphere done to me? I saw him getting ready and putting off a lot of perfumed liquid squirting out of a pressurized container. I could say that he was in a hurry, lest he was cautious with what he chose to wear. I’m sure he wore something fit for the occasion, whatever it was. Nevertheless, he got done in some minutes, put on a flashy watch, checked his mobile phone, picked up the roses and walked off, locking the door, not knowing that he had left me behind. I wanted to follow him, and when I got out of the bucket for the second time, I saw that the room had a mirror. I was stuck, at the sight of me. Though not very clean, but it was good enough for me to believe in what I saw, because I had become pale. My skin which is originally dark yellow had become greenish during my fifteen minutes on the earth. This was mainly because of the lack of radon in the atmosphere of the earth which is a major gas that we breathe in. But I had taken enough roltexophan (a specially synthesized drug which helps turn oxygen into radon after being breathed in) for me to survive on earth for 24 hours till my dosage expires and I die of asphyxiation. I can’t even imagine my plight if that happens. That single event, in this place will be enough for humans to know about us, and the balance of the universe will be shaken which we have maintained for the past I-dont-know-how-many years by not revealing to this world that we exist, neither do other colonies like us. My eyes were becoming red but I had to move fast, because this was my dream, my research. I had to see, what earth was like to live on, by myself, and I had just 24 hours to do it.

I turned myself into a girl. One subject of mine called Florence had a mental breakdown, that the people of her town Taichung in Taiwan thought she was something she isn’t. She was being stared at, judged by multiple people and forced to live alone because of a body enhancement that she got done. I wanted to know how that feels. Males are generally more attracted to woman. Women tend to beguile men. At least that’s how I thought it was. But today was very peculiar, “apparently”. There were billboards everywhere depicting this one thing. It was February 14, and there is some guy sitting above with arrows, who looks like Satan, and there it was, making people just fall in love. There it was, a phenomenon of a day, where love just emancipates from everybody all of a sudden. It was the day of loving, especially those who aren’t married. And to my surprise, everybody who was out was with somebody else. I needed some interaction, and all I got was some guy who thought I was out because I was ‘available’. At home, I generally eat at least around 400 nutriments a day. Those, in calories is around 25000 calories, and trust me, I was hungry. I went to a restaurant, and I was dumbfound. The lady was like, “We only have tables for two dear”. I thought, “I’ll at least have some chocolate cake”, which I LOOUUVEDD and on which I seriously survived upon.
“We only have strawberry and butterscotch cakes for today, sir. If you want, you can buy the heart shaped chocolate boxes available in our store.”

I felt like crying. Mixed emotions of hate, anger, frustration and helplessness. I dont understand, why is red the colour of love? Humans like these celebrate love with blue too, but this was ridiculous. I toiled all day and I had three more hours left on this planet; I needed to make the trip worth it. Needed to tell my counterparts what I learnt (if i ever made it back). But now what I have for humans is just pity. What a makeshift world. If you are not in a relationship with somebody, you’re forced to believe that your ovaries are just wasting away. Couples making out in corners, guys on knees, girls being all bad asses and indie, heart shaped balloons, bunch of roses everywhere..What has the world come up to? And when the rest of the commercial world which caters to these people, I just commiserate with this world. A gift is not what makes a relationship. My message to these people is that they shouldn’t indoctrinate their children so young at least.
My skin was pale green now. I was already taking deep breaths. I needed to go back. I never wanted to come back again.

I went back to the bucket, and was just about to change myself back into my original form, when the guy unexpectantly enters, and he sees me, a woman with a slightly green skin. : P I use all my energy to turn to a normal human colour, and he looks at me, and wipes his tears off. Again, a rush of tenderness hit me and I fell into an emotional daze. He dint say a word, neither did I. He came towards me, and kissed me. And he said, “Ubhedomoar”.
The shock level was high. That was a huge blow. Nobody here knew my name. I turned green again. My body was so overflowing with emotions that it turned itself back to the original sate. I was out of time. I was out of breath. The disturbance value of the moment was something really next level. The man, whose bucket I was in, was my father. He called my name out again, and I was completely out of breath. I was dying, but I wanted to be with my father. He went to his cupboard, and inserted a needle in me, and I died.
Well almost.

My dad saved my life, and I was injected with something which allows me to stay here, however I want to. He had synthesized this drug, in the past 8700 years. The asphyxiation however caused my body to develop a life threatening disease. But my happiness was over the empire state building, because I had seen my dad after 9 millenniums. The next day passed. And the day after that. I enjoyed living with my dad. Dad went for work, and I worked too. I lived in this constant state of trance, guessing which day would be my last. I literally lived inside the crocodile dilemma, but at the same time thankful for the life I have had. I realized that this was true love.

One day some months later, my dad tells me, that he had a girlfriend and that he met her on February 14. Now I know who the roses were for. I know who the perfume, the flashy clothes and the flamboyant watch were for.
And I was like, “Dad, I need to tell mom about this…!”
“Son, it’s called research”


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