How does it feel,
to be stuck, between two worlds?
To be a snail,
wanting to get out of its shell?
To choose between comfort and freedom?
You’re confined, you can’t move, even a tendon!
You’ve reached an island,
but it’s just blue everywhere!
This, the wage for your hamartia,
is the lethal remedy of your pride;
of your ignorance,
towards that very thing,
that kept you breathing!
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The Malabar Synthesis

I am now bringing to light the fact that, as a family, we seldom had vacations outside. We used to go, but not to any place we completely didn’t know about. Although there have been some trips, but there sure was no ‘family holiday getaway’ as such..! The main reason is that, my dad is not a very big fan of adventure trips and unplanned fun, but instead he plans his every move from now on to the next five years! I’m serious, each one of them. It’s like, for a 6:05 PM flight, I’m dropped at the airport at 2:30PM. So yes, my dad defines “prudent”. But then, it’s not that we couldn’t afford a holiday, but one of the reasons is because of that ONE fact that we are the people from God’s own country, Kerala. (Nobody knows why a state is called ‘country’) Yes, it’s my ‘being malayalee‘ post. Continue reading “The Malabar Synthesis”


What makes a man, who just lived for 36 years, a cultural hero even after a hundred and ninety years after his death? What is a human being, whose traits are now adjectives for similar people around the world? What makes a man, who was crippled on one foot, travel the whole of Europe, and make history? What makes a man, that when he raises his pen to write, raises the eyebrows of an entire country? Continue reading “Byronefarious”