To Hitler, To the Jews (Part 1): Let Them Come to Berlin

To Hitler, To the Jews (Part 1): Let Them Come to Berlin

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and all characters appearing in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is either fictitious or used to state facts. All distortions to real facts were intended only for the purpose of entertainment, and absolutely nothing else.

The threat towards the president was very real this time. Here in Israel, the President’s office receiving a death threat was not uncommon. “Local boys with a grudge” google how to make a bomb, and plot to assault the President of the most advanced country in this world. But, this one was making sense. The intell was shocking and unexpected. The terrorist cells and splinter groups inside our country wanted to end the rule of the present government, even though the general public elected it. And also what really was triggering the threat was the fact that President Benjamin Begin had made the decision to sign a treaty with The United Nations. The treaty was about allowing the UN to interfere with internal emergency situations in Israel, and impede in the time of national and international conflicts. Israel has been in war with various neighbouring countries over the past four decades and by signing this treaty, President Begin was trying to bring peace in to a community which hadn’t known peace for generations now. But the Jewish people in general weren’t really happy with the idea, because the UN was technically owned by Germany after its victory in the Great War in 1945, and after what Germany had done to the Jews, you cannot really expect Israel to be diplomatically in good terms with Germany.

Since the President’s declaration of his decision, terrorists have attacked the nation in various ways in an intention to start a civil war. The newly built state department building was targeted three days back, and a part of it was destroyed by a surface to surface shoulder held missile, nearly missing President’s motorcade by a minute. Also, a man in his late forties was caught carrying three shaped charged cases of Semtex inside the Knesset building a week before. Also our country’s FTC, Federal Terrorist Control had received intelligence reports of killings and heists all over and outside Jerusalem, and stating the obvious, the killings were done to a target group. All of them were witnesses to President Begin’s acquittal during the trials of 1964. So, there was definitely somebody out there, looking for the President’s blood, and being his Head of Security, I had to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Continue reading “To Hitler, To the Jews (Part 1): Let Them Come to Berlin”



India, throughout history has been a country of continental proportions. With a very rich heritage, this great country has been one of the most diverse countries, in terms of language, religion, race, customs, festivals, rituals, music, cuisine, clothing and lifestyle. The civilizational history of India, as per the researchers, dates back to five thousand years. Only the continent of Africa exceeds the linguistic, genetic and cultural diversity of the nation of India. Diversity in India is a result of millions of people who have migrated here in the course of five millenniums and who hence became a part of this realm, absorbed in the Indian way of life. But whats interesting is, the awesome mindset of the people. And there is actually a way to generalize this unity in diversity, this mental make-up of this remarkable country.  Continue reading “Indianism”

The House I Built


As I walk down the lane, it’s dark,
too dark even to be noticeable.
There is one light that I see, from the far end, which tells me
that I am travelling on the true path, the difficult path.
And as I listen to the song,
I remember the dream;
I remember the house
The house I built…. Continue reading “The House I Built”

Apple Pie

When she decided to leave,
it was the first day of July.

From her very melancholic home,
where she spent a sad childhood, a lie.

Amidst the flood of poverty and abuse,
She sold apple pies, and held her head up, high and dry…

Her already dead father, she wanted to kill
(Not that she didn’t ever try) Continue reading “Apple Pie”

The Malabar Synthesis

I am now bringing to light the fact that, as a family, we seldom had vacations outside. We used to go, but not to any place we completely didn’t know about. Although there have been some trips, but there sure was no ‘family holiday getaway’ as such..! The main reason is that, my dad is not a very big fan of adventure trips and unplanned fun, but instead he plans his every move from now on to the next five years! I’m serious, each one of them. It’s like, for a 6:05 PM flight, I’m dropped at the airport at 2:30PM. So yes, my dad defines “prudent”. But then, it’s not that we couldn’t afford a holiday, but one of the reasons is because of that ONE fact that we are the people from God’s own country, Kerala. (Nobody knows why a state is called ‘country’) Yes, it’s my ‘being malayalee‘ post. Continue reading “The Malabar Synthesis”

The Career Paradox

It was no twist of fate that I decided to become a civil engineer. Probably God wanted me to become one. I say this, because at that point of time, I was somehow…though suspiciously, but completely brainwashed by people who were so in praise of this entire profession. Buildings are blooming; Construction is the dream today; Megastructures in NatGeo is an awesome Docu; You have the potential to become a successful civil engineer…you are hardworking…amongst other crap. And you sculpt your life that way, live years together with that decision, and come to college to pursue it. And here you find out, that one decision which you took, in your years of immaturity, might not be the real thing that you are actually made for. People say that what you actually wish for in the beginning of your life, that’s what you get. And that, I say is sad thinking! Continue reading “The Career Paradox”